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let it be. HEALTH


About the author: Jory Mullard is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N) and writer living in Vancouver, Canada. Jory’s purpose in business is based around sharing the idea that YOU MATTER: Taking care of yourself matters. Using your voice matters. Being who you truly are matters. Jory is the author of the official blog for let it be.HEALTH, a company whose mission is to spread hope in health around the world. The organization’s dream is that we can all live full lives with better days, simply by taking our own chosen steps towards health.


Welcome to the official blog of let it be.HEALTH! For those of you who are new to our company, we are a distributor of high quality health products. We are the parent company of Biological Botanicals, a professional line of nutraceuticals that believes that the nutritional power of plants can help heal your body. We are a business-to-business health solutions provider, helping other companies reach their full health potential by formulating, marketing and private labeling new and existing products. Creating and branding unique lines of supplements and vitamins for companies that span across different industries takes an open mind to accept and understand all interpretations of health. The objective of this blog will be to explore the many views and encourage you to share your own or inspire you to find it. We are not here to judge, define or confine health. Our philosophy is to simply, let it be HEALTH!

So what’s our story?

Founded in 2011, let it be.HEALTH is not just about creating high-quality, personalized supplement brands. It’s about standing up for a world where everyone can express who they truly are as an individual. We’ve grown up being told a million different nutrition facts by a million different voices – TV show hosts, health professionals, media, even our parents. We’ve been told that fruit has too much sugar, and running is too hard on the joints. Paradoxically, we’ve also been told that fruit is the world’s healthiest food and everyone should run daily. The reality is, there are so many different opinions that we’ve all gotten a little confused about health – not to mention a little disempowered. It’s a lot easier to just reach for a basket of french fries than try to figure out what’s actually good for you. At let it be.HEALTH, we present a unique perspective: We believe that each person is biochemically unique and what is healthy for one person may not be healthy for others. For some, health is having a protein shake and going to the gym. For others, it’s battling chronic mental and physical illness with everything they’ve got. For many, it’s having one less bag of chips per week. We embrace what health is to you, and we celebrate it. Life isn’t about everyone marching to the beat of the same drum. Life is about discovering your identity, listening to your body, and harnessing your power to make positive changes in your life.

How do you let it be?


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