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Smashing the Scale

Author: Jory Mullard, Empowerment Writer at

I’ve never met a scale that I didn’t want to stand on.

To some, a bathroom scale is just a little electronic box that tells us how much we weigh. To me, it has always been so much more; a symbol of a dark force in my life.

I grew up weighing myself every day. I would remove every ring, every article of clothing, and wait for the number to affirm that I, indeed, did not gain weight and therefore was still an acceptable human being.

As a young woman, I developed an eating disorder and became a slave to the scale. Its powers over me had a magnetic force that would send me running in its direction. Within seconds of entering a room containing a scale, I would find myself suddenly perching on top of it, holding my breath as I waited to see if the number would be low enough to make me worthy of love.

Now, I am recovered from my eating disorder, but the scale still plagues me. I refuse to weigh myself, knowing that it can still have a strong negative effect on me.

My stubborn refusal to succumb to the allure of the scale has made us fierce enemies. Alone in a room with a scale, I don’t see a metal box. I see an opponent that I must battle. If I step on the scale, it wins. I almost always resist its siren song, but I still jones for the self-esteem “fix” it can give me. I crave the feeling of standing on that scale, seeing a low number, and feeling better about myself.

After years of this fight, I realized something important. Whether I stand on the scale or resist it, I still give it way too much power by craving its validation of me. The truth is, the only validation I need is my own. What do I love and value about myself; how much do I believe I am worth? My love for myself is the only place to stand upon, not on top of the scale.

That is why, last week, I decided that it was time for the ultimate act to remind me that it’s just a silly little box, not some magical measurer of my worth. I will always have more power than it does, as long as I step into that power.
Therefore, I resolved to do just that. I decided it was time for The Battle Royale: a fight to the death, Jory vs. The Scale.

I invited my friend Katie over. We went to my backyard with her cute dog Kyla, a bathroom scale, a huge mallet, a camera, and years of my suppressed anger.

Here’s what happened.
Ready to kick some scale butt. (Left: Katie, Right: Jory [author])

This number does NOT matter! (Kyla the cutest dog ever agrees.)

Scale Smashing Time!

My turn.


Everyone is happy, including Kyla.

What is your relationship with your scale?
Does it have the ability to change how you feel about yourself, depending on whether the number is high or low?
If so, it has power over you, and it’s time to show that little box whose boss. You are worth so much more than any number could ever reflect.

You are strong, valuable, and worthy of love – always. Next time you want to stand on top of a scale, stand on that instead.

Post a picture of you on social media smashing your scale and hashtag it #smashthescale.
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Love always,
and let it be.HEALTH


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