Living a healthy lifestyle means something different to each one of us. We appreciate the unique perspective behind each individual. Our purpose is to inspire these viewpoints and encourage healthy living on your own terms.

Whether we are enhancing other brands with private labels or helping our clients connect and inspire their customers through our own branded lines we go above and beyond your average supplement company. By providing support and education to each business we are dedicated to becoming a true health solutions provider.

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      At let it be. HEALTH™ we want to encourage healthy living on your own terms. We understand there are different sides to the health industry and that each corporation, small business, practitioner and retailer is as different from each other as are the people who work within them. We recognize the diversity between each organization and we respect every individual's unique outlook on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

      What we want is to lay a foundation of effective products and quality services that are customized to meet each client's specific needs and goals. Providing solutions based on each client's unique philosophies and therapy methods means providing them with a one of a kind experience.

      Our service includes marketing, private labeling, distributing and finding where we can best help our clients connect with their customers and educate their employees. We proudly stand behind our services, as a responsible company should.
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    let it be. HEALTH

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    • Our MISSION

      To inspire people and businesses to realize their full health potential.
    • Our VISION

      We strive to spread hope in health around the world: Creating opportunities for a healthy business and a healthy life.

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      Building a relationship with a person, not just the company.

      Taking a customized approach to every solution.

      Having the courage to approach health with an unconventional outlook.

      Planning for the road not yet travelled.

      Bearing the weight of the world to share a smile.

      The ability to let it be. HEALTH™.



    Thankfulness represents more than one specific thing to me. It is the blending of many viewpoints, experiences and lessons.

    Being thankful lays a foundation for me to be healthy. It has created a respect for my body, how it works, how I treat it each day and from the tools the earth provides to help keep me healthy. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with people; so that they too, can live their healthiest life possible.



    To be unconventional is to break beyond the norm and be courageous enough to experience the unknown. Health involves bravery and faith in whatever your future may hold and while you have no guarantees as to what the outcome may be, the least you can do is give it your all. There is no one way to approach a given situation and sometimes drawing outside the lines can open you to a whole new world of opportunities and potential.

    Be fearless and confident with the choices you make, and whatever path you take, in helping yourself and others, always make it your own.



    I can list so many times that I've been in a stunning location or had an amazing experience but never really taken in the moment. The first time I realized this was in when I went to Mexico, while snorkeling in one of their spectacular cenotes (fresh water sinkholes), and I looked down and thought, wow... I need to take this in because this may very well be one of the coolest things I will ever do. Since then I've started taking a step back to capture mental snapshots of moments that I could so easily let pass away.

    While I fully appreciate (and live by) a healthy diet, supplements, and making physical activity a priority, I also think health is about appreciating what you are doing in that moment. The way I see it is that it's healthy for your soul if you let yourself have those sit-and-do-nothing-days or have that extra slice of cake; it's about finding the balance that works for you. Most importantly, it's that when you're eating that delicious red velvet cupcake with gooey cream cheese frosting, that you enjoy every minute of it.



    Health for me is not just taking supplements and exercising, it's waking up to meditate a healthy state of mind. Being fabulous is internal, having a healthy heart, a grounded soul and most importantly having positive thoughts. Dream big, laugh, don't sweat the small stuff, dance when a song moves you and love yourself. These are the things I aspire to be everyday so my daughter can look up to me and have a positive guidance on how she can be her best self.

    4 things author Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in his book, "The Four Agreements" that I do my best to incorporate into my life everyday:
    1) Be Impeccable with Your Word
    2) Don't Take Anything Personally
    3) Don't Make Assumptions
    4) Always Do Your Best

    That to me is how I do my best to live healthy so I can always b. FABULOUS.



    I enjoy spicing up my regular routine by going on an adventure every week! Whether it has been hiking, sky diving or paddle boarding, these adventures have not only given me some great memories and stronger friendships, but most importantly it gives me a sense of rejuvenation.

    Being more adventurous in our lives can help us break out of our regular routines, and bring some much needed fun and excitement into them. So it is important to remember that being healthy does not only include eating well, taking supplements, and simple exercise; but by adding new experiences it can aid in achieving a healthier state of mind. Our lives are meant to be lived to the fullest, so go out and look for new and richer experiences.

Like you, each of us has our own take on health. Read about ours or give us your take on health using #mylibHEALTH

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